Facial Fest presents Rachel

We welcome everyone to our humble Facial Fest community. Today in my office I had Rachel. She is a cute girl who decided to join the porn world. Why? Well she has a few reasons. One of them (from what she told me) she loves watching porn, especially the cum shot part. She said she even skips the whole movie and goes straight to the cum shot. She loves seeing guy putting a huge load of cum on a girl's face. She gets wet by just watching a girl spreading jizz all over her face. She loves everything that has something to do with cum and that was one of the reasons why she was in my office that day. She gave me a great blow job and then I fucked the shit out of her pussy. At the end she go what she came here for – a huge load of cum. Watch the trailer for Rachel


They come in to make some quick money in porn. Our man pounds the stuffings out of them and leaves them with a nice load of cum in their faces. Best part, these girls are real deal normal girls from right off the street. No porn actresses that you have seen fucked a few hundred times already. So if you like amateur girls, if you like a fresh face each time, if you like to see horny ass chicas who fuck hard and drink cum, then hello, you are at the right place.

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